Program Management Unit


The PMU is expected to be lean and should not duplicate existing structures. It is recommended that the Unit should consist of not more than three capable, technically competent officers with membership drawn from key departments/programs/Agency responsible for delivery of SOML interventions. The team will be responsible for day to day implementation of the program and will be headed by the Desk Officer who will be the main accountability officer for the program.

The PMU shall:


i) Liaise with and be in ongoing communication with the Federal PMU regarding the program


ii) Be responsible, together with the state health management, for coordinating activities related to the program


iii) Serve as the secretary/secretariat for all information directly related to the program


iv) Do all that is reasonably required to ensure that the state makes progress on the DLIs


v) Ensure that the program work plan is implemented


vi) Ensure that all stakeholders are engaged and working together to strengthen the health system and achieve program objectives


vii) Facilitating the timely disbursement of funds to the relevant Agencies and departments


viii) Ensure that all state data related to SOML interventions is tracked and utilized for decision making


SOML PMU Organogram