Health Planning




Pharmacy Mansur Suleiman Director Planning Research and Statistics

Pharmacist Mansur Suleiman
Director Planning Research and Statistics

This directorate was renamed from the Directorate of Health Planning Research & Statistics by the Ayida Panel on Civil Service reform in 1995


Mission statement
Our mission statement which is applicable nationally is “To serve as the fulcrum through which the Ministry of Health performs its stewardship role and other statutory responsibilities necessary for achieving the goal and objectives of the State, National and International Health policies. The Directorate also serves as the ‘‘engine room’’ of the State Ministry of Health’’.


As part of other Departments in the Ministry, the Directorate has as its function the following:
i. Developing the Health sector plans (short term, medium term and long term perspective).
ii. It prepares capital budgets and operational plans.
iii. Development and coordination of the implementation of the National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP) State Strategic Health Development Plan (SSHDP) Biennial Operational Plans and annual work plans and budgets.
iv. Coordination and preparation of Biannual Operational Plans, Annual Capital Budget and Plans of the Health sector with the State Planning Commission and State House of Assembly.
v. Coordination of policy formulation and priority settings of State and LGAs.
vi. Operationalizing effective management process and structures.
vii. Planning toward adequate production, equitable distribution, efficient utilization and effective management of Human Resource for Health (HRH).
viii. Serving as secretariat to Project Steering Committees, Health Project Management Office (PMO), and State Council on Health and National Council on Health (NCH)
ix. Preparation and domestication of Memos to His Excellency the Governor, the State Executive Council, State Council on Health and the National Council on Health, to ensure compliance to policies and plans as well as M&E framework.
x. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of internal and sectoral activities of the Ministry.
xi. Coordination of resource mobilization and management, support received from Development Partners, NGOs and other Health actor activities.
xii. Effective coordination of Development Partners and other Health actors in a collaborative manner.
xiii. Conduction of Research into the sectors area which the Ministry has jurisdiction, in collaboration with other Department, Agencies, Institutions and Paratatals.
xiv. Conduction of research into the internal organizational, operational and management modalities of the Ministry.
xv. Routine collection and processing of data relating to the Ministry and the Health sector.
xvi. Promotion of essential National and State Health research for efficient Health System Development.
xvii. Providing evidence-based health information, knowledge management and development of ICT for decision making.
xviii. Coordination of the implementation of Capital Projects including Architectural drawings, medical equipment specifications and standards, site supervision and project commissioning, closure and handing over to operational departments.
xix. Undertaking the full task of project development and management through the Project Management Office (PMO) as well as the full completion, documentation and closure of completed projects.


Divisions of the Directorate
Because of the importance of this directorate in policy formulation and implementation, it has four specialized divisions of: Policy and Planning, Research and Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation, National and International Cooperation including NGOs and Resource Mobilization.


(A) Policy and Planning Division
This division is made up of four (4) branches of Policies; Plans, Programmes & Projects; Human Resource for Health Development; Capital Project Implementation Branch


Major Functions:
i. Coordination of policy formulation, priority settings, and the implementation of the    priority areas of the NSHDP and SSHDP, Biannual Operational Plans and Annual Budget and Plans.
ii. Preparation and coordination of plans and capital budgets.
iii. Coordinating secretariat to the Health Sector committees such as: Project Steering Committees, Project Management Unit/Office, State Council on Health (SCH)  and National Council on Health (NCH)
iv. Articulations of policy, strategic plans, database including HMIS and Human    Resources for Health.
v. Coordination of the State and National collaborating centre programm for Education & Training of Technical Health Workers for Health System strengthening.


B. Research and Statistic division:
This division is made up of four (4) branches of Research Branch; HMIS; Library; Information Communication Technology (ICT).


Major Functions
i. Promotion, Coordination and regulation of Health research activities.
ii. Dissemination of Health research outcomes
iii. Liaison with relevant bodies involving in health research
iv. Provision of guidelines for the research activities of International Agencies and NGOs with the framework of State National Health Research priorities.
v. Collection and processing of data and provision of accurate, relevant and timely information for meaningful micro planning for the implementation of the State and National Health Policy, Health Sector Reform and Health MDGs.
vi. Identification and promotion of the training of health personnel in method and teaching of data generation and management.
vii. Serves as the secretariat for Health Data Management Team (HDMT) activities.
viii. Provision of support for the establishment of an adequately equipped health and health related Data Bank in the LGA and HFs.
ix. Assessment of the Health Status of the population including the identification of major health problems with a view to setting priorities to address them at Local, State and National levels.
x. Collection, recording, Storage and dissemination of library services.
xi. Coordination and implementation of supportive supervision and plans of the Health Sector.

C. Monitoring and Evaluation Division
The division is made up to three (3) branches of Policies and Plans M&E; Programme and Project M&E; Health Training Institution and Parastatals; Capital Project Implementation M&E.


Major Functions
i. Development and revision of M&E instrument framework, Guideline
ii. M&E of all health and health related policies plans, budgets, programmes, projects and activities of the State Government in collaboration with other programmes, departments, parastatals, ministries  and institution
iii. M&E of projects and activities of development partners in the Health sector in collaboration with the National/International Health division and other relevant bodies.
iv. M&E of administration/financial process and general internal operation of the Ministry in collaboration with HRH and other relevant branches.
v. M&E of Health Training Institute and Paratatals of the Ministry
vi. M&E of Capital Project Implementation


D. National/International Cooperation Division
The division is made up of four (4) branches of Multilateral and bilateral Cooperation; Resource Mobilization & MGDs (SDGs), and NGO matters.


Major Functions
i. Develop modalities and institutionalize appropriate process for effective coordination of International agencies and NGOs operating in the Health sector.
ii. Collaboration with the State Planning Commission, National Planning Commission, State House of Assembly and National Assembly for proper coordination of the activities of International and donor agencies in the health sector.
iii. Collaboration with UN Agencies, International bodies multilateral, NGOs and donor agencies and institutions to coordinate and optimally, mobilize and enhance their support and assistance in the Health sector.
iv. Ensuring compliance to all National and International convention treaties, protocol, standards and regulations.
v. Coordination of International donor agencies operating in the Health sector.
vi. Mobilization of resources for Health Systems Development
vii. Coordinating all bilateral relationship


E. Programmes/Projects in the Directorate
The directorate develops and monitors programme and project implementation. Currently, the following programme and projects are at various levels of implementation and completion.
i. Nigeria State Health investment project NSHIP-World Bank Assisted Project (PSC)
ii. Save One Million Lives (P for R) SOML World Bank Assisted (PSC)
iii. MDGs coordinating secretariat (inactive)
iv. State Health Insurance Scheme (awaiting full take off)
v. Adamawa German Medical Centre (awaiting legislation)
vi. Health Project Management Office – PMO (Specialist Hospital, Yola)
vii. Health System Development Project II (HSDP II) yet to document and informally close books of account.