Pharmaceutical Services


20151214_095544This directorate regulates all matters relating to pharmaceuticals, drugs and poisons and appliances, including processed food. In discharging this duty, this Directorate in addition, performs assignments on behalf of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria. This is statutory in nature. The Directorate has other collaborative operations in conjunction with related Federal Government Agencies located in the State e.g. NAFDAC & NDLEA.


The main objectives of this Directorate are:-

a. To ensure even distribution of drug outlets in the State

b. To sanitize drug distribution as regards quality and standards in the State.

c. To ensure that drugs and psychotropic substances are not abused or trafficked

d. To document and report, all form of drug reactions.

Main functions

1. Management of Pharmacy practice in the State.

2. Personnel Management of the Department.

3. Coordination of Pharmaceutical activities in the State.

4. Monitoring of Essential Drugs Programme and Drugs Revolving Fund Schemes.

5. Assessment of Performance of pharmacists.

6. Assessment/review of drugs and processed food policy.

7. Coordination of Pharmaceutical services in Adamawa State with regards to NAFDAC, NDLEA, HOSPITAL PHARMCY, DACC etc.

8. Member Adamawa State Medical Board.

9. Member Governing Body of Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, PCN.

10. Member National Executive Council of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, PSN.

11. Member Project Implementation Committee, HSDPII.

12. Collaboration with National and International Agencies on Pharmaceutical matters such as Roll Back Malaria Programme, AIDS Control Programme.


The Units are:

a. Pharmaceutical Inspectorate

b. Task force on Counterfeit and Fake Drugs and Processed Food

c. Drug Revolving  Fund Programme (DRFP)

d. Food, Drug and Poison Information Unit

e. Drug Manufacturing Unit

f. Clinical Pharmacy Unit/UDD Systems

g. Adamawa State Traditional Medicine Board.

h. Drug Abuse Control Programme.

i. Collaborative Activities.

j. Pharmaco Vigilance.

k. The Technical office for Free Medical Services for children and pregnant women.

A. Pharmaceutical inspectorate

1. Inspection and recommendation of premises to Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN).

2. Inspection of Dangerous Drug Act (DDA) disposal registers.

3. Inspection of Patent Medicine shops and processing and recommendation of application for Patent Medicine License in the State.

4. Public enlightenment on Drug usage.

5. Task Force on Counterfeit and Fake Drugs and unwholesome processed Foods.

6. Inspection of Hospitals (both Public and Private) and Pharmaceutical distribution centres.


Pharmaceutical premises in the state

There are a total of 62 premises in the State and their registration status is spelt out as follows:-

a. Registered premises          – 44

b. Registration on process  – 14

c.  Unregistered premises & sealed – 3

d. Voluntary closure – 1

Total          – 62


ii. Patent proprietary Medicine Vendors

There are 186 licensed in 2014. 42 applied for renewal in the year 2015, 278 vendors interviewed are yet to submit their applications probably due to insurgency/insecurity especially in the seven (7) LGA affected by the insurgence.

C. Drugs Revolving Fund Programme

1. Create a self-sustaining drugs revolving services (DRFS)

2. Monitoring of suppliers to Hospitals and other Health Centres.

3. Monitoring/Reconciliation of revenue generation

4. Collection of revenue returns

5. Evaluation and periodic reports.

6. Assessment and review of policy.

D. Food, drugs and poison information division

1. Food, Drug and table wafer PRODUCTION monitoring (Collaborative)

2. Dissemination of information

a. Adverse effects of Drugs

b. Banned and controlled Drugs

c. Drug-Drug interaction

d. Drug-Food Interaction

e. Fake, Adulterated drugs and unwholesome processed Foods.

3. Library and publication on Pharmaceuticals

4. Bulletin on Pharmaceuticals