Laboratory Services



The department of Medical laboratory services was created in February 2015 from     department of Hospital services in the same month; Mr. Lazarus Gideon was posted from Hospital Services Management Board to head the department.

The department of Medical Laboratory is charged with the following objectives.
1. General administration of Laboratory Services
2. Processing of applications for registration and inspection of Medical Laboratory facilities in the state.
3. Monitoring and evaluation of standards in private Medical Laboratories.
4. Supervision of training of Medical Laboratory Technicians and assistants at the College of Health Technology Michika
1. Overseeing the Medical Laboratory Units in the Government Hospital with co-operation of director Medical Laboratory Services in the Hospital Management Board
2. Coordination of Adamawa state monitoring committee of Medical    Laboratories
3. Involve with the FHI360 in assessment of HIV counseling and testing in Adamawa state.
4. Working hand in hand with Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria on programs such as
– Participation in the inspection of Medical Laboratory in some states
– Participations in accreditation of College of Health Technology
5. Partiscipation in Medical Research
6. Organise periodic seminar and conference on Laboratory Techniques and Management
7. Taking responsibility for Medical Laboratory Services Development Planning
8. Maintaining quality control of Standard Techniques and results
9.General administration and policy formulation of Medical Laboratory Services in the State
10.Evaluating and monitoring of reports on epidemiological survey in the state.
11. Assisting in the employment, education and continuos training of Medical Laboratory personals
12. Coordinating and monitoring diagnosis of epidemics such as HIV, yellow. Cholera etc, collecting the report for use in formulating new diagnostic procedure, research and teaching.
13. Budgeting and ordering of laboratory equipments, chemicals and reagents
14. Formulating and vetting research proposals
15. Preparing annual report on Laboratory Services and personals
Since the department is new in the Ministry, we have achieved a little thus:
i. Mapping of Medical Laboratory in the state
ii. Registration of Medical Laboratories in the state.
iii. Inspections of already registered Medical Laboratory to ensure standard
iv. Establishment of the Department in the state Ministry of Health.