Information Unit

Abubakar Mohammed Information Officer

Information Unit  uses  wide range of media to build and sustain good relationships between the Ministry and state citizens through planned publicity campaigns and PR activities.


Information officers  are responsible for handling all aspects of planned publicity campaigns in respect of Ministry’s developmental projects, programmes and Activities.


Other tasks include:

• planning publicity strategies and campaigns

• writing and producing presentations and press releases

• dealing with enquiries from the public, the press, and related organisations

• organising promotional events such as press conferences, open days, exhibitions, tours and visits

• speaking publicly at interviews, press conferences and presentations

• providing State Citizens with Credible And timely information about new promotional activities of the ministry

• analysing media coverage

• commissioning or undertaking relevant research

• designing, writing and/or producing presentations, press releases, articles, leaflets, ‘in-house’ journals, reports, publicity brochures, information for web sites and promotional videos.