Hospital Services

The department is charged with the following responsibilities:
1. Processing of medical assistance for referral cases both within and outside the country.
2. Processing of refund of medical bills to civil-servants in the state.
3. Processing of licenses for operation of private Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing/Maternity homes, Dispensaries etc
4. Inspection of both private and public health establishments in the state.
5. Training of Doctors, Pharmacists, Dental Surgeons, etc
6. Coordinate the activities of Tulsi-Chanrai foundation in the state.
7. Co-ordinate the activities of Medical and Dental Council in the State.
8. Coordinate the activities of the emergency ambulance services in the three senatorial zones of the state.
9. Coordinate all correspondence related to Hospital services from General public.
10. The Director is a representative of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria in the State.
11. The Department conducts medical board for referred patients any time, depending on volume of cases at hand.
12. The Director also serves as a member of the State Hospital services management committee for promotion and other staff matters.
13. The Director is equally a member of the committee for the Prerogative of Mercy in the State.