Finance & Supply

Mr. Ayuba Bagi Tsakuma, (Bsc, MBA, CNA, FIPDM) Director Financ & Supply 

Mr. Ayuba Bagi Tsakuma, (Bsc, MBA, CNA, FIPDM)
Director Financ & Supply

This is one of the service Departments in the Ministry saddled with the responsibility for efficient and effective financial administration by providing financial support services in pursuance of the core mandates and goals of the Ministry. In precise terms, the department is responsible for the receipt, custody and disbursement of funds accruing to the Ministry from all sources, including the international donors.


In this regard, the department maintains reliable and transparent accounting and financial management governance system that ensures availability of adequate and timely information on the amount of resources derived by the Ministry and how such resources have been channelled towards the attainment of set goals in line with the requirements of State Strategic Health Development Plan.


The Department is organized into three (3) divisions and each of the divisions is further subdivided into different units in conformity with the State Treasury Manual and adequately staffed skilled professionals for optimal performance.


Finance and Treasury Operations: The division is responsible for providing treasury services including banking, payments, cash flow and donor funds management


Accounts and Management Information: This division is responsible for recording and providing detailed, accurate and timely information on fund flow and utilization including the production of the statutory annual report and accounts in line with extant laws. The division ensures that adequate records exist for all transactions and that expenditures are incurred in strict compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.


Budget monitoring and Ministry operations: This division is responsible for the preparation of theMinistry annual budget; budget monitoring and performance evaluation as well as the preparation of the monthly bank reconciliation statements and management of the Agency’s fixed assets register. The division also coordinates the activities of Donor accounts.