Adamawa has confirmed outbreak of Lassa Fever

By | February 4, 2020

Adamawa State Government has confirmed the death of a 29-year-old woman from Numan Local Government Area of the State as a result of the recent outbreak of Lassa fever.
The Hon Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Professor Abdullahi Isa disclosed this on Tuesday while addressing the press on Lassa Fever outbreak. Professor Isa explained that the index case of a 29-year-old woman was first seen as a gravid patient in a private health hospital in Yola, before referring her to the Federal Medical Center, there she expelled a macerated stillbirth. He however, admitted that after the laboratory test the woman was confirmed positive, while the three others tested negative for Lassa fever virus, “they were discharged accordingly”.
The Commissioner said the Ministry of Health has assured the public of controlling the Lassa fever outbreak in the shortest possible time and called on the citizens to cooperate as the government can not do it alone. He described Lassa fever as a highly infectious viral disease that is primarily transmitted from rodents (rats) to human and also from human to human. The Commissioner revealed the ministry has come up with measures for prevention and control which includes, contact tracing to identify people that have direct contact with index case; activation of emergency operations centre for management of responses activities on a daily basis; massive statewide public enlightenment campaign, putting all disease surveillance and notification officers in the State on high alert as well as the reorientation of health facility staff on infection prevention and control practices. Professor Abdullahi Isa advised public to report suspected cases to the nearest health facility, stressed the need to keep their homes and surroundings clean to avoid contact with rats and avoid drying food items in open space under the sun.