Hon. Commissioner Inaugrate two Committees to Support the Implementatiom of State Health Workforce Registry

By | March 21, 2019

The National Health Workforce Registry (NHWR) policy amendment 3.2.5 mandates the establishment of a web enabled NHWR which shall serve as the national platform for accurate and timely information on health workforce in Nigeria. The platform is expected to provide up to date information on all the health workers under the employment of national and sub national entities and link them to administrative units, facilities etc.

In order to support the operationalization of the policy declaration, The NHWR Operational Guidelines was developed in 2015 and it provides guidance on the systems and structures needed to implement the registry including the policy and governance mechanisms, submitting entities and data specificity.
The NHWR operational guidelines stipulates the establishment of the multi-sectoral governance structures at state level to serve as coordination body for implementation and operation of the registry. This includes the Technical Working Group (TWG) that will be responsible for coordinating the implementation and data use from the State Health Workforce Registry (SHWR) in the state
The main purpose of establishing the state structures is to drive the implementation and use of information from the SHWR.
The terms of reference for the committees are
i. Provide advisory and technical support to the steering committee in bringing up relevant policy and evidence based recommendations to foster well- informed decision decisions on the HRH in the state, and improve the delivery of health services in service delivery points;
ii. Promote the use of HWR data in state level policy formulation;
iii. Review and adopt documentations relevant to institutionalizing the Health Workforce Registry(HWR) operations process;
iv. Establish clear communication structure between relevant stakeholders during the (HWR) operations process;
v. Coordinate, monitor and enforce routine HRH data update on the HWR;
vi. Advocate for release of funds to support the HWR delivery process;
vii. Facilitate availability of HRH data for planning, management and development of bulletins periodically.
The TWG shall comprise of the following members:
 Director, Planning Research and Statistics, State Ministry of Health – Chair
 Director, Planning Research and Statistics, State Primary Health Care Development Agency – Co Chair
 Director, Planning Research and Statistics, Hospital Management Board – Co Chair
 Human Resources Health (HRH) Focal Person(s)
 Representatives of the Department of Administration, State Ministry of Health, Hospital Management Board and State Primary Health Care Development Agency
Meetings should be held once in a quarter, previous meeting reports and agenda should be circulated by the secretariat before the meeting date. Meeting should be as short as possible and sustained.
Terms of Appointment
i. The Honourable Commissioner for Health, the Permanent Secretary and the Director, Health Planning, Research and Statistics of the State Ministry of Health will be the Chair, Co-Chair and Secretary Of The Steering Committee respectively.
ii. Membership of the steering committee is based on institutional representation.
iii. Terms served by members is based on acceptable performance and interest.

Newly Inaugrated TCG Members